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F.Feenstra Import Export was founded by me in 1994. Meanwhile I obtained many years of  experience in the import and export of fruits & vegetables, meat and cereals, mainly from certified organic sources. My education in foodtechnology and butchering have assisted me in this.


Import and export of cereals and meat for mainly the processingindustry. Relevant knowledge of HACCP and GMP+ qualitysystems and the importprocedure of certified organic products.


Western Europe

: The Netherlands
: Belgium
: Germany
: France
: Ireland
: United Kingdom
: Denmark
: Italy
South America
: Argentina and Brazil
: China


When you have a demand for the above mentioned products or when you wish to export these kind of products, I can possibly assist you in this on the bases of either commission or on my own account. Mutual trust is the bases of doing business. I can work flexible and with the necessary know-how for you.